Am I beautiful? I decide.

Who gets to define beauty? The media? The movie stars? The great designers or photographers or magazine editors? I don’t know, but who ever “they” are, they’ve given us quite the unrealistic image of perfection that’s virtually impossible to achieve. So let’s look at what’s real.

I’ve got crow’s feet and smile lines. They are there because I love to laugh.

Some people try to hide their freckles but I love mine.

I have a bunch of forehead creases because my eyebrows have a language of their own.

I have a lot of bling in my hair. But I’ve had a lot of amazing experiences to go with all that silver.

My abs may never work right again – and even though I don’t love that, I’ll always be grateful for the miracle of the perfect little people that lived under their cover: 4 babes for 9 months each, plus an angel baby. My body grew FOUR PEOPLE. If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is.

My legs aren’t perfect but they are STRONG. I can push-up and plank and break boards.

You might see the 15 extra pounds I’m carrying around, but chances are, you don’t. You might notice my crooked nose – I sure do! But most people overlook it. Why are we so hard on ourselves? We only get one body with which to travel this earth. It’s time we learn to appreciate it and stop comparing ourselves to the photo-shopped images that we see all around us.

So, who gets to decide if I’m beautiful? I DO. And I think I’m flawsome. I don’t know why it took me almost 38 years to learn to love who God made me. But I’m so glad I did.

“Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart.” – Kahlil Gibran


Your task for today is to reflect on your favorite features and acknowledge them. You are beautiful!

Now go be fierce.


It’s a New Year! Get Off Your Log.

We’re a few days into a new year… are you still in reflection mode? I am.

Over the last year or two, I’ve realized that for a good chunk of my life, I just kind of sat there and let things happen.  I wasn’t a couch potato, by any means – I have a doctorate degree and four kids! But when it came to a lot of things, I would let other people or circumstances dictate my actions and my responses and even my attitude.

Too many of us sit on a log, holding on for dear life, while the river of life sweeps us along. Sometimes we feel powerless. But here’s your sign: you do have a choice! Get off the log and dive into the deep!  At first it’s scary. It will take some planning. But you don’t have to keep waiting and watching while life whisks you away to some place you don’t want to go.  You were not made to be a passive recipient of life.  This is the perfect time to take action.

We often believe too many lies about our situation: we have no choice, there’s nothing I can do, this is just the way it is. Lies. We also believe too many lies about ourselves: too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall, too dumb, too ugly, wrong color, blah, blah, blah. More lies… Who you are is enough. You are beautiful. You don’t have to be perfect – that’s not even real. But you are loved by God, who is perfect. And that changes everything.

So what does that mean for us? So much of life is outside our control – there’s a whole lot we can’t change. But there’s a mountain of things we can! Don’t like your job? Relationship trouble? Not taking care of your body? Then take action!

It’s time to get off your log.

Your task for today is to think of one area of life where you’d like to see change and consider one practical step you can take to get you headed in the right direction.  It might be as simple as putting down the Coke and drinking more water. Maybe it’s making a phone call you know is overdue. Maybe there’s an issue you need to talk to your boss about.  Do you want to stay home with your kids? Look for options to make it happen and start planning. Take the step. You got this.

Now go be fierce.

7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Direct Sales

Thinking about joining a direct sales company? Good for you for doing some research first!

I can tell that direct sales has changed my life and has been a big blessing for my family. But I firmly believe you have to go in with your eyes open. Take a good look at the company, at your own situation and personality, and your expectations. Here’s some straight talk. Before you take the plunge, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

1. It’s a real business.  That means hours dedicated to your business every week.  The beauty of direct sales is that you “own your time”.  You decide when to work.  But you still work. And sometimes that means you’re working in the evening when the kids are in bed and the spouse is watching TV. In my opinion you need at least 5 hours a week to dedicate to your business, and probably a lot more if you want to grow quickly.

2. Sales take time. People don’t often say “YES!” on your first encounter. Or the second. Most people need to see a product SEVEN times (or more!) before they make a purchase. So you must be consistent.  Don’t give up if you’re not seeing big sales in your first 60 days – that’s when most people quit.  People are watching and listening to what you’re saying but they need time.

3. You won’t get rich overnight. You may see some real stories of people who did get rich quick, but I can guarantee they worked their buns off, probably didn’t sleep much, and likely had prior experience. They are the exception. That said, I firmly believe that if you work daily on your business, consistently, through the ups and downs, and stick with it, you will see success

4. You have to love the product. It’s really hard to sell something you don’t feel passionate about. You can fake it, I tried to do that. But it’s not sustainable for the long haul. If you want to build a successful business that’s going to last, it better be with a product you enjoy using and believe in.

5. You have to like people. This might sound funny but if you generally avoid people, don’t like to chit chat and can’t take small talk, you might want to consider other options. Network marketing is all about building relationships. This can be practiced and learned – it’s both a skill and an art that you’ll continue to grow in.

6.  You can’t depend just on your friends and family for sales.  This is a biggie. I read once, “You can ask your family once. You can ask your friends twice.”  But you’d better have a plan of how to reach outside your immediate circle. Plenty of people have lost friendships and alienated family members because of pushy direct sales techniques. Think about how you can use the power of social media, blogging, vendor events, and so on to grow your biz.

7. The fortune is in the follow up. Since most people need to see a product a few times before they are ready to take the leap and buy (or join your team), following up is KEY. If you’re the type that isn’t so hot on following up on things in general, you might want to skip direct sales. Or have a serious commitment to change that habit.  The “magic” (there is no magic!) comes when you consistently talk with people, make the product available, share without pestering, and show them your genuine love for the product.

Direct sales takes moxie. And I LOVE it. Takes hard work, and thick skin. Are you ready to go for it? Good for you! Commit yourself. Work hard. Have fun. Be patient. And I’ll see you at the top!

Interested in learning more about my biz? Go HERE.

Now go be fierce!

5 Easy Steps to Great Brows

Want to up your brow game? Here’s some tips.

  1. 1. Work with what you have. Here, the overall shape is decent, just needs a little cleaning up and a little umph!  Your natural shape is generally going to be most flattering for your face and eyes. So don’t try to fake arches if you don’t have them. Straight brows are cool, too.

IMG_0350 (2)

2. Where to start? The inner brow should line up with the bridge of your nose. The very widest they should be is in line with the inner corner of your eye. The arch should fall two-thirds of the way to the outside. And how long should they be? Take a straight edge and make a line from the outer part of your nostril, to the outer corner of your eye. If your brow extends past that line, you may need to tweeze a hair or two, but it shouldn’t be much.


3. Need a trim? Sometimes people over-tweeze when what they really need is to trim away some bulk or length. Use a brow comb or similar and brush the hairs upward. Use sharp, pointy scissors to trim away any naughty hairs up top. Don’t over-trim. Just get the rebels. My dad’s eyebrow hairs used to get so long they would curl down and poke him in the eye. Now that’s a real problem. We don’t want any eye-poking.


4. Pluck the strays. You can see here mine needs a little tweezing in the middle and under the arch. When I was growing up, plucking above the brow was a big no-no, but it really depends on how dramatic and defined you want your brows to look. It is important to clean up all the little guys, but you don’t want to overdo and leave them too sparse. Going over the areas you want to pluck with a lighter colored liner or concealer stick can help so you don’t get tempted to take away too much.

IMG_0372 (2)

5. Fill in the gaps. There’s lots of ways to do this. Pencils, gels, shadow. My favorite is Ménage a Brow by Tyra Beauty. Using my chisel tip, I underline the bottom, then line the top.  You can see my underline in the pic below – I haven’t blended yet!  For the top, I start about a 1/2 inch over. Then, I use the 3 prong end to fill in, following the natural direction of the hairs. Then blend, blend, blend, using a spoolie brush and you’re ready to face the world.


Now, go be fierce!

Mucho Gusto! (Pleased to meet you!)

Hey there!

headshot 1

I’m Christina Barba. Mom of four. Wife of one. Follower of Christ. Small businesss owner. Makeup lover. Babywearer. Knitter. Believer in YOU.

I think most people quit believing in themselves around the age of 11. Maybe younger. Especially women. Society tells us a bunch of lies about who we are and we believe them. When we’re kids, we wake up “full of awesome” and we do our thing. And somewhere along the way, we lose that confidence.

If you’re a mom, I know you hear me when I say it’s easy to feel lost in the endless piles of dishes and laundry and whining. Whatever fierceness we had before kids, somehow trickles down the drain with the dirty dish water. (And if that hasn’t happened to you, mama, I probably should be reading YOUR blog.)  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m on a journey of finding my fierce and I hope you’ll join me! Fierce on the inside, fierce on the outside. All of us deserve to recognize the unique awesome that God gave us, and learn to appreciate it and use it. Find our gifts and bless the world with them. Find our best colors and watch how our eyes come to life. Find our best styles and feel confident. Rock our makeup and feel bold.  Fierce. Maybe start a business and build an empire. Write a book. Mentor teens. Play guitar. Whatever makes you come to life.

Will you join me on this journey?  In what ways do you want to feel more fierce? I’d love to hear from you! <3